Recruitment of engineers:
Talented people think outside the box. So do we.

As a recruitment agency for engineers, we recruit the brightest minds from Germany and abroad. Using our hearts and minds – as well as our sound instincts and a great deal of creativity.

Your recruitment agency for engineers.

We have a deep understanding of the labour market for engineers and know what matters when it comes to recruiting the best minds as well as which channels will have the best results. Are you looking for suitable specialists for your company? As a recruitment agency for engineers, we do more than simply publish your vacancies in the right media and on the right portals that are relevant to the field in which you operate. We actively source the talent you need and use our excellent contacts with potential applicants in the local area. We will directly approach any promising candidates for you on your behalf.

We have high standards – this is how we determine which engineers make the grade.

Practical experience and specialist skills

People skills and a team player

Innovative potential and able to see the bigger picture

Industry-specific and specialist expertise

Whether it’s electrical, industrial or mechanical engineering, the chemistry has to be right.

The benefits for you with Schmieder Recruitment
for engineers.

Selected top talent.

Large pool with more than 400 engineers from the local area.

Professional advertisement management.

We post your advertisements in and on over 80 specialist media publications and portals.

Active sourcing.

We identify promising people and approach potential candidates directly.

Professionals with half an eye on the job market.

We know the professionals who are looking for a change thanks to our discreet pool of specialists who have half an eye on the job market.
A Schmieder employee

Recruitment by professionals,
for professionals.

We search for the best engineers on your behalf and find the people you are looking for.

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What our clients have to say.

Wolfgang Kölble

We were impressed by Schmieder’s prompt response and their expertise

As an IT consultancy, we occasionally have to deal with filling vacancies that require a combination of commercial and technical expertise. Filling these sorts of vacancies is usually a lengthy and complicated process. That’s why we approached Schmieder. We were impressed by Schmieder’s prompt response to our enquiry and their clear expertise, particularly in terms of recruiting engineers, and managed to fill the vacancy within two months. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!

Wolfgang Kölble
Managing Director
abakus Consulting GmbH
Dipl. Ing. Stefan Mattes

Regional partner for the professional recruitment of specialists and executives

We’ve been working closely with Schmieder to fill technical vacancies for more than two years now. Due to their excellent reputation and the consistently high standard of the technicians, we’ve already found many new employees for our company without any hassle whatsoever. Using Schmieder Recruitment means receiving the very best advice and always having someone who is willing to listen to our personal wishes and ideas.

Dipl. Ing. Stefan Mattes
Managing Director
wimatec MATTES GmbH
Hans Steidle

First port of call in the Upper Swabia region

Due to our long history, we’re looking for employees who are able to adapt well to our corporate culture. Schmieder understands our requirements and has already successfully found both engineers and commercial employees for our company on many occasions. We’re very satisfied with our partnership and the down-to-earth communication, and are happy to contact the Schmieder team whenever we need more staff.

Hans Steidle
Managing Director
Heike Schilling

Professional partner with many years of expertise

When finding someone to fill a vacancy within our engineering company, we were impressed by Schmieder’s fast, unbureaucratic and professional approach. They found a suitable candidate for us in no time at all. The professional communication throughout the process is what has stayed in our memories in particular. We would be happy to rely on Schmieder for their help with recruiting other skilled engineers in the future.

Heike Schilling
Managing Director
Schilling Kran- und Hebetechnik GmbH
Frank Valtin

We particularly appreciate the combination of a reliable and long-term collaboration based on a partnership of equals

Where recruitment and personnel leasing is concerned, Schmieder is an expert when it comes to attracting suitable candidates for our company. They are very quick and professional in the way that they operate and often think “outside the box”. The main benefits for us are our permanent and professional contact partners who know exactly how we think as a company and which candidates will be the best fit for us. Schmieder also likes to try innovative and new ways of finding applicants, which enables them to provide us with high-quality candidates very quickly.

Frank Valtin
Head of HR

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What exactly does a recruitment agency for engineers do?

    As experts in the recruitment of engineers, we are focused on finding the candidates that are perfect for you – not just personally, but professionally too. Our customer advisers are honest and discreet and will fill any vacancies you have in line with your needs and wishes. They are also extremely proactive and will narrow down the choice of suitable engineering professionals for you.

  • How long does it take for vacancies to be filled using your engineer recruitment service?

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a sweeping statement in this regard as it depends on various factors. Sometimes it takes just a few days, while in other cases it can take several weeks. To be specific, the period of time will depend on the job profile, the role and your requirements as a company. The current number of applicants will also play a major role, of course.

  • What sets a good engineer recruitment agency apart from others?

    We specialise in the recruitment of engineers, and the focus of our work is on you as a company, as well as the applicants. We have a good nose for finding the candidates that will be the perfect match for you both professionally and personally, and this is what sets us apart from the competition. You will benefit from our specialist and expert knowledge, as well as our intuition, which we have demonstrated time and again for over three decades.

  • Why should I choose Schmieder to recruit engineers?

    With us, you get everything from one single service provider. We act as both recruiters and recruitment consultants, which makes us significantly different to most other recruitment agencies. Your dedicated contact person coordinates the entire recruitment process for you, and will be in constant contact with you and the potential candidates. This enables us to ensure that the applicants are a perfect fit for your company both personally and professionally, and that we are a partner on your level that can be trusted. You can also count on a fast response.

  • What does collaborating with a recruitment agency for engineers involve?

    You inform us of your requirements and expectations, and we will then start searching for suitably qualified engineering professionals on your behalf. As part of our service, which we are continually improving, we will create your job advertisements, take care of the entire recruitment process, conduct preliminary interviews and narrow down the choice of the most suitable candidates for you. Taking responsibility for coordinating appointments and keeping in touch with you right through to the conclusion of a contract are all part and parcel of the service we offer.

  • How does a recruitment agency work?

    To be able to offer you the best possible service, we attach great importance to providing a personal touch. During the initial consultation, we will determine your exact requirements and share important information. Throughout the entire process, your contact person will be on hand to provide you with advice and support. Aside from providing you with an excellent choice of candidates, we will help you to coordinate appointments and will be happy to answer any questions you have about your potential new employee.

  • What happens if the person recruited does not start their job?

    If the person recruited does not start their job, Schmieder GmbH will endeavour to fill the position as quickly as possible, without any additional cost to you. If, for example, a longer notice period should result in a gap that needs to be bridged, Schmieder GmbH also has candidates on its books who can be deployed at short notice to provide temporary cover as part of its personnel leasing service.

  • When does a fee have to be paid to the recruitment agency?

    A fee only has to be paid if we are successful, i.e. if a contract is offered to one or more of the specialists put forward by Schmieder GmbH.

  • How do you recruit suitable specialists?

    Finding the right people is becoming increasingly difficult in an ever-changing labour market. That is why we use a variety of (digital) channels to find the right staff for you – not just professionally, but personally too. In addition to the well-known online platforms, we also have excellent relationships with universities and further education institutions with whom we regularly collaborate to fill entry-level positions. 

  • What are the benefits of a recruitment agency for companies?

    If your long-term plans include growing your team with the vacancy to be filled in addition to a disposable personnel budget, then a recruitment agency is the right choice for you. When recruiting people, we not only take care of the time-consuming process of screening suitable specialists and executives, but we also interview the candidates in person to ensure that they are the perfect fit your company – not just professionally, but personally too. This helps to keep your investments predictable and leaves you free to focus on what matters most.