When it comes to recruiting commercial specialists, you need professionals – and that’s us!

Only those applicants who tick all the boxes in terms of their professional and personal skills will make it through our selection procedures for recruiting commercial specialists – let alone make it through to you and your company.

Recruitment of commercial specialists: we meet exacting standards with a clear profile.

Whether in Controlling, Sales, Purchasing or Human Resources, we will find new employees for any commercial vacancy you have. Here in the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region, there is no one else to rival us. Our recruitment consultants have their finger on the pulse and their eyes and ears open in the local area to ensure that we are able to recruit the commercial specialists who will be the perfect addition to your company. Professional, approachable, personal.

We expect more – this is how we determine which commercial specialists make the grade.

Practical experience as well as further training and education

Personality and people skills

Professional skills, an expert in the industry and additional qualifications

Matching job expectations

What motivates people to do a perfect job? The perfect job.

The benefits for you with Schmieder Recruitment for commercial specialists.

Selected top talent.

Pool with more than 800 commercial specialists from the local area.

From the region. For the region.

As a professional recruitment agency from the local area, we are your partner in the Lake Constance, Upper Swabia and Allgäu region.

Professionals with half an eye on the job market.

We know the professionals who are looking for a change thanks to our discreet pool of specialists who have half an eye on the job market.

Personnel with personality.

High expectations where professional qualifications are concerned – and a flair for people skills too.
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What our clients have to say.

Dr Littmann

An expert for all commercial professions

Whether it’s Purchasing, Accounting, HR or Marketing … Schmieder finds the right people for our commercial vacancies. We particularly appreciate how reliable and professional Schmieder is, and the outstanding quality of the commercial recruitment advice that they provide as a result. Due to Schmieder’s excellent reputation in the local area and their large pool of candidates, we’ve already found many amazing people for our company.

Dr Littmann
Managing Director
Ihse GmbH
Jens Rädel

If Schmieder has applicants that might be the perfect fit for us, then they will put them forward for us to review, even if we are not currently advertising

Our partnership primarily involves the recruitment of specialists and executives. Schmieder takes care of screening applicants and will only suggest those who are the perfect fit for our company. This enables us to concentrate on what matters most and make decisions more quickly. Thanks to its extensive network, Schmieder immediately recognises the needs of the market, as well as any movements and changes, and responds to these with the best interests of both employers and employees in mind. This is a huge advantage over other recruitment agencies. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Schmieder on the basis of their professionalism and reliability.

Jens Rädel
Head of HR
Kiesel GmbH
Claudia Zillgith

Our first port of call for commercial vacancies

LTS has been working with Schmieder for many years now. The service offered by Schmieder is excellent and our vacancies are quickly filled with suitable applicants. Schmieder has also found some of our long-standing employees for us. We particularly appreciate the excellent support they provide during the application process, as well as how quick and reliable they are at getting back to you. This is another reason why Schmieder is our first port of call when it comes to recruiting commercial staff.

Claudia Zillgith
Head of Controlling & Human Resources
LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH
Thomas Baur

Suitable candidates who are the perfect fit for our team

The personal touch and their incredible regional expertise are the reasons why we regularly collaborate with Schmieder to recruit new staff. Due to the high standard of service and their exceptional reliability, we would recommend Schmieder time and again when it comes to filling vacancies for commercial specialists and executives. We’ve also had good experiences filling mid-level management positions.

Thomas Baur
Packsynergy AG
Wolfgang Sailer

In the commercial sector, I don’t think there’s any other recruitment agency near or far that can offer such a suitable selection of candidates in the local area

We’d like to thank Schmieder for the many years of excellent collaboration when it comes to filling commercial vacancies. We particularly value their straightforward communication and how quickly they deal with our changing requirements. This makes Schmieder such a close partner when it comes to recruiting staff. The candidates have been thoroughly vetted beforehand, which is why we’re able to fill our vacancies so quickly and reliably.

Wolfgang Sailer
Head of HR
WALDNER Holding SE & Co. KG
Reinhold Beller

What we appreciate in particular is the outstanding quality and reliability of our partnership with Schmieder

We have had a successful partnership with Schmieder for many years when it comes to the recruitment and temporary employment of specialists and executives. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Schmieder to others, as the communication with our contact partners is always professional and cordial, and their down-to-earth attitude and regional roots are an excellent fit for our company. Our high expectations have always been met or even exceeded.

Reinhold Beller
Managing Director
Elisa Zöllner

The whole package is perfect for us: value for money, great service and high quality candidates

Schmieder helps us to find the perfect candidates for our vacancies. They respond to enquiries very quickly compared to other recruitment agencies. Importance is not only attached to professional aptitude, but personality too. We also particularly appreciate the reliable service and the honest and trustworthy collaboration, which is based on a partnership of equals. We know that Schmieder recruits people who will be the perfect fit for our company, and who also have the backing of Schmieder.

Elisa Zöllner
HR Generalist
J. Wagner GmbH
Philipp Gantner

What we particularly appreciate is the quality of the applicants

So far, we have mainly been collaborating with Schmieder in the area of management and business administration. Time and time again, all of our expectations are met thanks to the simple, fast and uncomplicated partnership, as well as an extremely reliable and sound analysis of the candidates. Schmieder offers an attractive overall package with an excellent service, which makes it stand out from other recruitment agencies where value for money is concerned. That’s why Schmieder has our utmost respect and esteem, and why we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

Philipp Gantner
Head of HR RATTPACK® Group

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What sets a recruitment agency specialising in the commercial sector apart from others?

    With more than three decades of experience and our focus on the recruitment of commercial specialists, you can draw on our tremendous expertise and our extensive pool of applicants. This enables us to act quickly and without bureaucracy, narrowing down the choice of suitable applicants for you. In addition to the professional aptitude of the candidate, we also pay particular attention to their personality and people skills. What’s more, your dedicated contact person will provide you with support from the very first phone call, right through to drafting the contracts.

  • How does a recruitment agency work?

    To be able to offer you the best possible service, we attach great importance to providing a personal touch. During the initial consultation, we will determine your exact requirements and share important information. Throughout the entire process, your contact person will be on hand to provide you with advice and support. Aside from providing you with an excellent choice of candidates, we will help you to coordinate appointments and will be happy to answer any questions you have about your potential new employee.

  • What happens if the person recruited does not start their job?

    If the person recruited does not start their job, Schmieder GmbH will endeavour to fill the position as quickly as possible, without any additional cost to you. If, for example, a longer notice period should result in a gap that needs to be bridged, Schmieder GmbH also has candidates on its books who can be deployed at short notice to provide temporary cover as part of its personnel leasing service.

  • When does a fee have to be paid to the recruitment agency?

    A fee only has to be paid if we are successful, i.e. if a contract is offered to one or more of the specialists put forward by Schmieder GmbH.

  • How do you recruit suitable specialists?

    Finding the right people is becoming increasingly difficult in an ever-changing labour market. That is why we use a variety of (digital) channels to find the right staff for you – not just professionally, but personally too. In addition to the well-known online platforms, we also have excellent relationships with universities and further education institutions with whom we regularly collaborate to fill entry-level positions. 

  • What are the benefits of a recruitment agency for companies?

    If your long-term plans include growing your team with the vacancy to be filled in addition to a disposable personnel budget, then a recruitment agency is the right choice for you. When recruiting people, we not only take care of the time-consuming process of screening suitable specialists and executives, but we also interview the candidates in person to ensure that they are the perfect fit your company – not just professionally, but personally too. This helps to keep your investments predictable and leaves you free to focus on what matters most.