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We have over 300 vacancies in the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region at any one time – and new ones are being added every day. If, however, the right one for you is not among them, we look forward to receiving your speculative application.

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Information for applicants

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • Am I still allowed to send off my own applications while involved in this process?

    You are welcome to submit your own applications to companies. With us, however, the major advantage is that you only need to submit one application, i.e. there is no need for you to adapt your documents to different companies all the time. We will search for suitable positions for you and get in touch if there are any new vacancies. We also have an extensive network of relationships with the best companies in the local area. As a result, we are familiar with our customers and their teams, and are in an excellent position to judge whether you will fit into the company as a future new employee.

  • How do I find out about new vacancies? Do I need to look on the website myself?

    Only just found us and not got round to submitting your application yet? If that’s the case, then you will find our latest vacancies on our website. You can make a choice using the filter function and search for your specific dream job. If you have already submitted your application documents to us, then you will be in our pool of applicants. Our cutting-edge applicant management system will directly compare your profile with any new vacancies. If there is a good match, your dedicated recruitment consultant will get in touch with you. 

  • I am not interested in doing temp work. Can I still apply?

    Absolutely! We help more than 80% of our applicants to find permanent employment with renowned companies from the local area. Being leased to a company even for a short period of time has its benefits, as this is usually treated as a probationary period. In the majority of cases, leased employees are offered a permanent position by the companies while they are still on lease to them, or soon afterwards.

  • Where do you recruit people?

    Schmieder GmbH is THE recruitment agency from the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia and Allgäu region. Our primary focus is on the recruitment of commercial and engineering professionals. From Ulm to Lake Constance and from Überlingen to Lindau, we find the right jobs for the right people.

  • Which companies do you collaborate with?

    Our motto is “From the region. For the region”, which is why we have been collaborating with companies from the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia and Allgäu region for over three decades. Our regular customers now include more than 300 leading companies from the local area.

  • Will you automatically consider my application for other vacancies?

    We will automatically compare your application with several vacancies to ensure we find the perfect placement for you. Thanks to our many years of experience, our trustworthy partnerships with our customers and our modern applicant management system, we are able to place you with companies that are the perfect match for you. Before submitting your documents to one of our partners, we will discuss this with you once more to come to an agreement on how to proceed.

  • How should my cover letter be structured?

    When it comes to the structure of your cover letter, you should bear in mind that our application managers deal with a large number of applications on a daily basis, so keep it short and to the point.
    Ideally, your cover letter should be structured in such a way that it provides us with a brief overview of your current situation. It should be no longer than one DIN A4 page and tell us what motivated you to look for another job or career, the area in which you would like to work, your earliest possible start date, etc. There is also no need for you to make reference to a specific job vacancy, as we may also use your application for other positions – after discussing this with you first of course.

  • What are the application documents that you need?

    Your application documents are the ticket to your dream job. For this reason, they need to be complete and free of any mistakes.
    In addition to your cover letter and CV, an application that will make the right impression should also include a cover page as well as any relevant references and certificates. Although a photo is not compulsory, it makes a nice finishing touch to your application. 
    Thanks to our cutting-edge application management system, you can upload your application documents using the “APPLY NOW” button at the bottom of the job advertisement. Please ensure that you use PDF format.

  • Can I also e-mail my application to you?

    We would prefer you not to send your application by e-mail. The best thing to do is to transfer your application documents straight into our system by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” button. This is a quick and easy way to upload your files (preferably in PDF format). Unlike e-mail applications, our application managers will then be able to see your documents immediately and we can respond to you more quickly. 
    The button can be found at the bottom of each vacancy. If there are no suitable vacancies for you at the present time, please submit a speculative application. 

  • I have seen a number of suitable vacancies. What should I do?

    If a number of our job vacancies appeal to you, that’s obviously really good news. Even better: you don’t need to send in a separate application for each vacancy you have seen, which saves you a lot of time and effort! If this is the case, click on the “Submit a speculative application” button and write the reference numbers for the relevant vacancies in the comments section. And there you have it! One application is all it takes to benefit from a whole host of job vacancies.