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Schmieder Recruitment. We bring together what belongs together.

Our favourite thing to do is the thing that we do best – listening to people and bringing them together.

We are your provider of personnel services in the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region – for the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region. For companies and applicants. Whether it’s a job for life or a temporary solution. We are here to help, listening, observing the market and people, bringing together the people who feel like they belong together. Commercial specialists with their future bosses, engineers with innovative companies, executives with leading companies. Our partners value our expertise, our experience and our sensitivity. We value your trust.

Facts & Figures.

From the region.
For the region.

Over 300 leading companies from the local area have placed their trust in us.

Our creativity.
For your success.

More than 200 successful placements per year.

Selected top talent.

Extensive pool containing more than 1,000 individually selected candidates.

Recruitment experience.

In family hands for two generations and over 35 years.

Our values – Your added value.

In the region. For the region.

Our strength is how close we are to our customers. Not just geographically, but on a personal level too. In the way that we think and the way that we act. Trust and understanding. We know the companies in the local area and have close links with them. To ensure this, we focus all of our efforts on the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region. Our roots – and our future.

Quality over quantity.

We are looking for the perfect match. The dream team. The perfect candidate for the perfect job. That is why we have a more focused approach to our work and are always striving to do better. We think people skills are just as important as professional skills. This is the only way we can live up to our own standards every day. And deliver what we promise – good people in good companies.

Trust and reliability.

We are here to help and are open-minded; we listen, understand, give our advice and treat all partners, all applicants and all employees with appreciation and respect. We do not have standard solutions – we cater to individual needs and requirements, as well as each individual industry. We act in an ethical and morally responsible way, always in accordance with the current rules and the latest regulations and laws.

Excellent service and quick to respond.

We do what we can. Usually, we even do a bit more. As a company, our aim is to relieve you of some of your work, while as an applicant, our aim is to provide you with work as quickly as possible. That is why we work quickly and with a focus on service, communicate openly and honestly, keeping you in the loop at all times while saving you a lot of time too.

Creative thinking. Targeted action.

Life rarely goes the way we expect it to, which is why we like to think outside the box when finding future opportunities. We get our customers and applicants enthusiastic about new ideas and encourage them to consider unconventional options. We like to keep on top of things in terms of our own business development and are always one step ahead of our competitors when it comes to recruitment.

Three things are crucial for a company’s success: courage, passion and the right people.
Florian Schmieder

Florian Schmieder

Managing Director
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 0

Michelle Richter

Team Assistant
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 281
Ulrike Kemm

Ulrike Kemm

Commercial Recruitment Consultant
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 19

Lena Leiprecht

Commercial Recruitment Consultant
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 284

Annalena Fürst

Commercial Recruitment Consultant
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 287

Robin Braxmeier

Commercial Recruitment Consultant
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 249
Verena Dilger

Verena Dilger

Commercial Recruitment Consultant
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 242

Linda Probst

Team Assistant Engineers & Technicians
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 241
Christian Bächtle

Christian Bächtle

Recruitment Consultant Engineers & Technicians
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 282
Michael Bühler

Michael Bühler

Tel.: 07502 / 9449 240

Charlotte Rauch

Tel.: 07502 / 9449 289

Susanne Müller

Personnel Support
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 271

Tanja Hauert

Team Assistant
Tel.: 07502 / 9449 283

Ahead of the times, both then and now.

One typewriter, a small room in a basement and a strong entrepreneurial spirit: the secretarial office created by Anne Schmieder on 1 October 1986 has since evolved into three successful service companies. Schmieder Recruitment, Schmieder Translations and Schmieder Customer Contact Management. We employ over 100 members of staff in a variety of working time models and have over 400 freelancers on our books. As a family business, Schmieder still makes a significant contribution towards strengthening the labour market and economy in the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region, while allowing the entrepreneurial spirit to continue to grow.

“Schmieder GmbH” and “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH” come together under one roof. Both companies move into the new office building.
The reins to the business are handed over to the next generation. Florian Schmieder takes over both “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH” and “Schmieder GmbH”, while Anne Schmieder devotes all of her attention to Customer Contact Management (CCM).
Florian Schmieder joins “Schmieder GmbH” as an additional Managing Director.
The Schmieder Customer Contact Centre (CCC) becomes Schmieder Customer Contact Management (CCM).
Florian Schmieder takes over the reins of “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH”.
Establishment of the Schmieder Customer Contact Centre (CCC).
Florian Schmieder joins the company belonging to his mother, Anne Schmieder.
Further offices are leased in the adjacent company premises.
The personnel services division becomes a separate limited liability company, “Schmieder GmbH”. “Schmieder GmbH” expands to include the “Engineers for Upper Swabia” division. The translation agency becomes a separate limited liability company, “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH”.
Extension of the attic to include a staff room and conference room.
Construction/addition of a new office building for the personnel services division.
The former residential building is taken over entirely by the business.
The sole proprietorship becomes the limited liability company “Büroservice Schmieder GmbH.”
Relocation from the basement to the attic.
First text in a foreign language processed.
Foundation of the Schmieder secretarial office.
A Schmieder employee

Deep roots in the region.
At home in your business too.

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