We make sure you are right at the top of the agenda of all the best companies.

Our contacts are your key to new career opportunities.

We ensure unequal opportunities.
In your favour.

Many exciting key positions are never actually advertised publicly as they are awarded to people in secret – and this is where we can help. Thanks to our extensive network, long-standing contacts with leading companies in the local area and comprehensive market and industry expertise, we are always in the loop and the first to find out about any exciting opportunities. Good for you. And for your career as an executive.

The benefits for you with Schmieder.

Exclusive vacancies.

We have the best contacts with leading companies who only advertise their jobs through us.

Top advice.

Tailored advice, transparent cooperation and close coordination between applicants and interested companies.

Strong personalities.

We not only impress companies with your hard skills, but your personal skills too.

Strong in the region.

Home advantage – the best contacts in southern Germany and insider knowledge from many leading companies.
Leadership means handing over responsibility from time to time. To experts like us.

It’s not just our own success that speaks for itself, but the success of our applicants too.

“Since discovering Schmieder, I’ve been recommending the company to others about once a month”

When I was looking for a new challenge as an executive, Schmieder was the best choice I made. We had open and constructive talks about my aspirations and some suitable proposals were put forward in no time at all. Thanks to its long-standing customer relationships, Schmieder knows exactly what its customers need and referred me to my current employer Tegos in Ostrach within a very short period of time.

Berthold Müller, Head of Purchasing and Marketing

“I would recommend Schmieder to others without reservation!”

Schmieder exceeded the expectations I had of a commercial recruitment agency. I was impressed by their quick response and the huge number of vacancies they had. As an executive, I had certain expectations for my new position, which Schmieder did a great job of taking into account. The reliable communication between everyone involved also played a significant part in the prompt conclusion of an employment contract. For these reasons and also because of the extensive network in the Ravensburg area, I would recommend Schmieder to all other executives without reservation!

Darko Sutlar, Head of Purchasing

There are still some openings right at the top.

Openings for executives, and anyone who wants to become one. We are currently looking for the right candidates for these positions.

Our vacancies

A Schmieder employee

There is no one who can rival us in southern Germany.

We open up new opportunities for you. To do so, we sometimes take a very traditional approach – we listen, look you in the eye, and only then will we recommend you to others.

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Recommended by executives.

Our leading partner companies for the best positions in the local area.

Wolfgang Kölble

We were impressed by Schmieder’s prompt response and their expertise

As an IT consultancy, we occasionally have to deal with filling vacancies that require a combination of commercial and technical expertise. Filling these sorts of vacancies is usually a lengthy and complicated process. That’s why we approached Schmieder. We were impressed by Schmieder’s prompt response to our enquiry and their clear expertise, particularly in terms of recruiting engineers, and managed to fill the vacancy within two months. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!

Wolfgang Kölble
Managing Director
abakus Consulting GmbH
Hans Steidle

First port of call in the Upper Swabia region

Due to our long history, we’re looking for employees who are able to adapt well to our corporate culture. Schmieder understands our requirements and has already successfully found both engineers and commercial employees for our company on many occasions. We’re very satisfied with our partnership and the down-to-earth communication, and are happy to contact the Schmieder team whenever we need more staff.

Hans Steidle
Managing Director
Thomas Oberhofer

Fast and professional recruitment of a suitable executive

When a unique managerial position needed to be filled, we turned to Schmieder with confidence. Our contact person provided us with expert advice about the entire process. Thanks to their extensive network and professional expertise, we quickly found a suitable candidate, and with Schmieder’s help, we were able to take them on in no time at all. Due to the added value that Schmieder provided, we can highly recommend them to others.

Thomas Oberhofer
Head of Central Office
City of Ravensburg
Michael Sauter

The aim of a recruitment agency isn’t the signing of each individual contract, but investing in the long term

We’re impressed by the combination of outstanding value for money, superior quality, high reliability and excellent service that is offered by Schmieder. Thanks to their solution-oriented approach and our personal relationship, Schmieder understands exactly what our needs are and provides us with perfectly suitable executives and commercial staff that have been rigorously vetted beforehand. No issues whatsoever and always professional, we will definitely use them again!

Michael Sauter
Head of Purchasing
Aguti Produktentwicklung & Design GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What are the most sought-after executive positions through a recruitment agency?

    From up-and-coming executives and department heads to managing director positions, the list is endless. We have various senior positions on our books and coordinate closely with you and the companies to ensure that no limits are set to your personal development as an executive.

  • Does it make a good impression on a company if an executive submits their application through a recruitment agency?

    Yes, because many companies themselves rely on professional recruitment agencies, including for executive roles. The companies hold our personal recommendations in high regard and even entrust us with exciting key positions instead of advertising them publicly. As a result, you benefit hugely from exclusive job vacancies at leading companies from the local area, with nothing standing in the way of your career as an executive.

  • What are the benefits of a recruitment agency for people who are applying for executive positions?

    Thanks to our long-standing, trustworthy partnerships with companies from southern Germany, we have an extensive network and are on first-name terms with the decision-makers at each individual company. Thanks to our excellent contacts and the insider knowledge we have about many leading companies, we have exclusive job vacancies that are only advertised through us. From us, you will receive professional and tailored advice, transparent cooperation and close coordination between yourself and interested companies.

  • Where do you recruit people?

    Schmieder GmbH is THE recruitment agency from the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia and Allgäu region. Our primary focus is on the recruitment of commercial and engineering professionals. From Ulm to Lake Constance and from Überlingen to Lindau, we find the right jobs for the right people.

  • Which companies do you collaborate with?

    Our motto is “From the region. For the region”, which is why we have been collaborating with companies from the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia and Allgäu region for over three decades. Our regular customers now include more than 300 leading companies from the local area.

  • Will you automatically consider my application for other vacancies?

    We will automatically compare your application with several vacancies to ensure we find the perfect placement for you. Thanks to our many years of experience, our trustworthy partnerships with our customers and our modern applicant management system, we are able to place you with companies that are the perfect match for you. Before submitting your documents to one of our partners, we will discuss this with you once more to come to an agreement on how to proceed.

  • What are the application documents that you need?

    Your application documents are the ticket to your dream job. For this reason, they need to be complete and free of any mistakes.
    In addition to your cover letter and CV, an application that will make the right impression should also include a cover page as well as any relevant references and certificates. Although a photo is not compulsory, it makes a nice finishing touch to your application. 
    Thanks to our cutting-edge application management system, you can upload your application documents using the “APPLY NOW” button at the bottom of the job advertisement. Please ensure that you use PDF format.

  • What sets a recruitment agency specialising in executives apart from others?

    As a professional recruitment agency for executives, we offer you an all-round service and take care of the entire recruitment process. Our goal is to place the best managers in the best management positions. We narrow down the choice of suitable candidates and attach great importance to outstanding personalities with tremendous expertise in addition to several years of professional experience and strong leadership. Thanks to our vast expertise, we attract the very best executives through trust that has been built up over many years, private contacts and good relationships. 

  • Is there a difference between a recruitment agency and head-hunting for executives?

    Unlike headhunting or poaching, as an experienced recruitment agency for executives, we rely on our recipe for success – excellent relationships. If top executives who might interest you are looking for a new job, we’ll be the first to know about it – and, if their profile matches your requirements, you’ll be the next. The very best candidates can only ever be won over with trust that has been built up over many years, private contacts and good relationships.