Personnel leasing: If you have a job that needs doing, leave worrying about the staff to us.

As your specialist in the field of personnel leasing for commercial specialists, executives and engineers, we are happy to do the work for you.

We are your partner for personnel leasing.

We are flexible so that you can be flexible too. As a provider of personnel services in the field of personnel leasing, we provide you with exactly the external staff you need, quickly and easily. People who are professional and have great people skills too. Needless to say, we fully comply with all the rules, the GDPR, the German Act on Temporary Agency Work (AÜG) and all the applicable requirements of collective bargaining agreements.

The benefits for you with our personnel leasing service.

Flexible personnel planning.

Quick availability for staff shortages in the short and long term.

Time to get to know each other.

To ensure people are a good fit, we arrange a probationary period for you to get to know each other.

Predictable costs.

Your personnel management and recruitment costs go down, while the leeway your business has goes up.

Legal certainty.

Compliance with all collective bargaining agreements and legal requirements.
Increase your flexibility, without having to bend over backwards.

Our areas of expertise in the field of personnel leasing.

A Schmieder employee

Looking for a simple and quick solution?

Are you looking for temporary staff? We can take care of that for you. Anywhere in the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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What our clients have to say.

Marc Rupp

Trouble-free and seamless collaboration when it comes to personnel leasing

As a family business and global manufacturer of agricultural equipment, Schmieder has been helping us with our personnel leasing needs when it comes to engineers for many years now. The appointed employees have always been carefully selected by Schmieder. After a short training period, they’re able to work independently and quickly integrate themselves into the team. On the basis of our excellent strategic partnership, we decided to draw up a framework agreement in 2017.

Marc Rupp
Head of HR Management
CLAAS Saulgau GmbH
Steffen Fischer

Regional and expert partner for the recruitment of commercial specialists and engineers

As a major employer in the Upper Swabia region, the ifm Group has high standards when it comes to its staff. To ensure we’re able to guarantee a constant supply of the staff we need when there’s a shortage of skilled workers and the labour market is so volatile, we’re always happy to rely on the service offered by Schmieder. Due to their professionalism and strength in the region, we’re always able to find suitable candidates for our company with the help of Schmieder. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Steffen Fischer
HR Director
ifm electronic GmbH
Christian Kogel

Almost 100% of our commercial vacancies have been filled 

Due to the combination of their local presence, outstanding service and the consistently high standard of the applicant profiles, we regularly rely on the services offered by Schmieder to fill our commercial vacancies. Thanks to the excellent in-house support for our staff, we can ensure that our employees on a personnel leasing contract are well looked after. We also consider the excellent communication and the way that Schmieder sticks to binding agreements to be particularly commendable.

Christian Kogel
Recruitment Team Leader
ifm electronic gmbh
Reinhold Beller

What we appreciate in particular is the outstanding quality and reliability of our partnership with Schmieder

We have had a successful partnership with Schmieder for many years when it comes to the recruitment and temporary employment of specialists and executives. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Schmieder to others, as the communication with our contact partners is always professional and cordial, and their down-to-earth attitude and regional roots are an excellent fit for our company. Our high expectations have always been met or even exceeded.

Reinhold Beller
Managing Director
Insa Ruckebier

We’ve always been able to fill vacancies quickly and with appropriate staff

Over the course of my career, I have collaborated with Schmieder while working for several different companies. While our individual needs have always been catered for, the high quality of the collaboration has never changed.
Thanks to Schmieder, we’ve always been able to rely on appropriate candidates, even for positions that have been difficult to fill. When it comes to both recruitment and personnel leasing, we can always count on Schmieder!

Insa Ruckebier
Konzmann GmbH
Uta Döring

As an experienced and regional partner, Schmieder meets our expectations in every respect

Schmieder has been helping us with the leasing of commercial specialists and engineers in particular. We appreciate their reliable and fast communication, as well as their excellent regional network. In the past, matching appropriate candidates in terms of our requirements and our corporate culture has enabled us to offer some employees a permanent employment contract. Due to the highly professional contact partners and the outstanding value for money, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Schmieder to others.

Uta Döring
Senior HR Business Partner
Coperion GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • How much does it cost to take on a leased employee?

    At present, a leased employee can be taken on free of charge after 9 months of being leased to your company. If taken on any sooner, within the 9 months, a fee will be charged that varies according to the duration of the leasing period.

  • Can I offer the leased employee a permanent job?

    Yes, subject to any notice periods, a leased employee can be taken on at any time and without difficulty, not only once the agreed leasing period has expired.

  • What are the benefits of personnel leasing for a company?

    If you would like to arrange short-term cover for busy periods, are looking for a high degree of flexibility by employing someone on a temporary basis, or would like to reduce your risk caused by fluctuations in the economy, then personnel leasing is the right choice for you. 

  • What is personnel leasing?

    In the case of personnel leasing, you will be employed by us, Schmieder GmbH. During your placement with a company, you will be assigned a contact person from Schmieder GmbH who will provide you with support throughout. Temporary assignments give you the opportunity to show renowned companies from the local area what you can do, and if all goes well, you may subsequently be offered a job by our customer directly. The Equal Pay law means that your salary will be adjusted to that of an employee in a comparable position or to the standard industry rate.

  • How do you recruit suitable specialists?

    Finding the right people is becoming increasingly difficult in an ever-changing labour market. That is why we use a variety of (digital) channels to find the right staff for you – not just professionally, but personally too. In addition to the well-known online platforms, we also have excellent relationships with universities and further education institutions with whom we regularly collaborate to fill entry-level positions.