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As an independent provider of personnel services for the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region, we find the right applicants for your vacancies – and the right vacancies for applicants.

We bring the right people and the right companies together. As a professional recruitment agency, personnel leasing company or external human resources department. As a trailblazer, facilitator and application coach. As a partner and equal. We are here to help you.

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We are the recruitment agency in the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region with the best contacts in all the leading companies within the local area.

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In addition to formal criteria, we set great store by personality – and strong personalities set great store by us.

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We think ahead and outside the box. We open new doors with our creative solutions.

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Our services for companies.

Time is money. With Schmieder you save both. Thanks to our extensive pool of applicants, we find skilled employees faster and manage the entire recruitment process for you. What’s more, you only pay for our services if we are successful, which keeps the costs predictable.

Recruitment of commercial specialists

Short-term or long-term, full-time or part-time, we recruit the people who fit the bill for your industry and your company.

Recruitment of executives

We are closer to the potential candidates for the top jobs at your company and can introduce you to one another quickly and discreetly.

Recruitment of engineers

Experience, creativity and a good network are what you need, especially when looking for people who are highly skilled. We make sure that you attract the best people in the war for talent.

Our services for applicants.

One application – endless possibilities. Send us your documents and we will open the doors to the most prestigious companies in the local area for you.

Recruitment of commercial specialists

We provide our advice and support, and ensure that you not only find what you are looking for quickly, but are happy in your new job too.

Recruitment of executives

With the best contacts in all the leading companies within the local area, we ensure that you are in pole position when it comes to the top spots.

Recruitment of engineers

Benefit from our direct line to the executive floors and make the job of your dreams become a reality that much sooner with us.

Our network is your network.

As a recruitment agency, we have the very best connections throughout the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region. From Singen to Lindau, from Friedrichshafen to Ulm – you benefit from our contacts in the upper echelons of many prestigious companies in the local area.

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What our clients and applicants have to say.

Wolfgang Kölble

We were impressed by Schmieder’s prompt response and their expertise

As an IT consultancy, we occasionally have to deal with filling vacancies that require a combination of commercial and technical expertise. Filling these sorts of vacancies is usually a lengthy and complicated process. That’s why we approached Schmieder. We were impressed by Schmieder’s prompt response to our enquiry and their clear expertise, particularly in terms of recruiting engineers, and managed to fill the vacancy within two months. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!

Wolfgang Kölble
Managing Director
abakus Consulting GmbH
Michael Sauter

The aim of a recruitment agency isn’t the signing of each individual contract, but investing in the long term

We’re impressed by the combination of outstanding value for money, superior quality, high reliability and excellent service that is offered by Schmieder. Thanks to their solution-oriented approach and our personal relationship, Schmieder understands exactly what our needs are and provides us with perfectly suitable executives and commercial staff that have been rigorously vetted beforehand. No issues whatsoever and always professional, we will definitely use them again!

Michael Sauter
Head of Purchasing
Aguti Produktentwicklung & Design GmbH
Marc Rupp

Trouble-free and seamless collaboration when it comes to personnel leasing

As a family business and global manufacturer of agricultural equipment, Schmieder has been helping us with our personnel leasing needs when it comes to engineers for many years now. The appointed employees have always been carefully selected by Schmieder. After a short training period, they’re able to work independently and quickly integrate themselves into the team. On the basis of our excellent strategic partnership, we decided to draw up a framework agreement in 2017.

Marc Rupp
Head of HR Management
CLAAS Saulgau GmbH
Steffen Fischer

Regional and expert partner for the recruitment of commercial specialists and engineers

As a major employer in the Upper Swabia region, the ifm Group has high standards when it comes to its staff. To ensure we’re able to guarantee a constant supply of the staff we need when there’s a shortage of skilled workers and the labour market is so volatile, we’re always happy to rely on the service offered by Schmieder. Due to their professionalism and strength in the region, we’re always able to find suitable candidates for our company with the help of Schmieder. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Steffen Fischer
HR Director
ifm electronic GmbH
Christian Kogel

Almost 100% of our commercial vacancies have been filled 

Due to the combination of their local presence, outstanding service and the consistently high standard of the applicant profiles, we regularly rely on the services offered by Schmieder to fill our commercial vacancies. Thanks to the excellent in-house support for our staff, we can ensure that our employees on a personnel leasing contract are well looked after. We also consider the excellent communication and the way that Schmieder sticks to binding agreements to be particularly commendable.

Christian Kogel
Recruitment Team Leader
ifm electronic gmbh

“A partnership of equals”

Schmieder GmbH helped me to find my dream job as a recruiter in a medium-sized, family-run company in Ravensburg. We had open and honest discussions about my expectations, which were taken into consideration in the choice of jobs. I was always treated as an equal. I think Schmieder is an extremely professional recruitment agency, and I’m incredibly happy working together with them in my current position!

Tanja Dausch, Recruiter

“Schmieder provides jobs with prospects”

Through Schmieder, I found a job as an administrative assistant in the Purchasing department of a large company, where I actually ended up being employed. My aspirations and expectations were taken into consideration all along the way. What I particularly appreciate about Schmieder is the service they offer and how reliable they are. The biggest advantage over other recruitment agencies is the fact that Schmieder provides jobs with prospects. Rather than being a loss for Schmieder, the subsequent employment of one of their leased employees is actually a success. That’s why I’d recommend Schmieder to anyone applying for a job.

Alwin Dost, Material Planning Assistant

“Since discovering Schmieder, I’ve been recommending the company to others about once a month”

When I was looking for a new challenge as an executive, Schmieder was the best choice I made. We had open and constructive talks about my aspirations and some suitable proposals were put forward in no time at all. Thanks to its long-standing customer relationships, Schmieder knows exactly what its customers need and referred me to my current employer Tegos in Ostrach within a very short period of time.

Berthold Müller, Head of Purchasing and Marketing

“Schmieder is an expert in direct personnel recruitment”

When I applied to Schmieder, I initially thought they would only be able to offer me employment on a personnel leasing contract. However, I soon realised that private recruitment is the main area in which Schmieder specialises. Even as a young professional, they quickly and easily helped me to find a permanent job near Ravensburg. Thank you once again for the incredible support!

C. Minner, HR Assistant

“I would recommend Schmieder to others without reservation!”

Schmieder exceeded the expectations I had of a commercial recruitment agency. I was impressed by their quick response and the huge number of vacancies they had. As an executive, I had certain expectations for my new position, which Schmieder did a great job of taking into account. The reliable communication between everyone involved also played a significant part in the prompt conclusion of an employment contract. For these reasons and also because of the extensive network in the Ravensburg area, I would recommend Schmieder to all other executives without reservation!

Darko Sutlar, Head of Purchasing
A Schmieder employee

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